Man With No Hands Shocks Cops By Confessing To 13 Robberies

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2:52 pm 17 Aug, 2015

Police in Raipur arrested a physically-challenged man, named either Rehmat Khan (28) or Rahamlal Khan (26), and two of his aides, Gendlal Kaushal and Chilu Marathi, on Thursday for a series of robberies. Ornaments worth 5 lakh were also seized from their possession.

Khan doesn’t have both hands and used to steal ornaments from temples, jewelry shops and isolated homes.


Crime Branch DSP, Archana Jha, said that they confessed to committing robberies in 13 locations in Raipur, mainly in the Gudiyari region. Khan’s first robbery was at a district court, from where he stole a pistol after climbing in with a ladder.

Some sources state that Khan has been disabled since birth while others claim he lost his hands after being electrocuted 10 years ago.


Khan was imprisoned for the gun robbery for three years. He told the cops that he tried to look for jobs but his disability hampered his chances. He then said that since his disability made him appear nonthreatening, shop attendants would let him roam the shops unsupervised, and he would steal.

“I’d … quietly steal the jewelry by using an artificial arm hidden in my trouser pocket designed specifically for the purpose,” Khan told the cops.


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