15 Tips That Will Make This Indian Wedding Season Stress-free And Fun

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7:30 pm 9 Oct, 2015

Due to auspicious muharats being all clubbed together, most weddings in India happen around the same time. All of a sudden your social life goes from zero to dear-god-why-do-I-know-so-many-people mode. It can be pretty overwhelming even if you’re not the one getting married. So here are some ways to cope with the Indian wedding season.


1. Allot importance.

There’s a good chance that you’ll receive invites to weddings happening on the same day, so you have to decide who’s more important to you.


2. Try to set a limit on your expenditure.

In these days of everything being shared on social media ASAP you might not want to repeat the same outfit, but you can repeat the shoes.


3. Rest your feet at every chance.

Attending weddings daily or weekly can take a toll on your legs, especially if you decide to wear uncomfortable but posh footwear.


4. Take care of your eyes.

Weddings are bright and flashy and so are the multiple flashes from smartphones that everyone turns into cameras at such occasions.


5. Know your alcohol limit.

Sure booze at weddings is free but that doesn’t mean you drink like there’s no tomorrow. Know when to stop drinking to not make a fool of yourself.


6. Watch your weight.

So many people exercise and diet to get into shape for wedding season and then ruin their effort by gorging on oily, fatty food and sweet dishes.


7. Hone your small talk skills.

You will keep running into people whom may know very slightly or not at all; it will be necessary to make polite small talk if you don’t want to be labeled rude.


8. Carry your entertainment.

Wedding season is fraught with traffic jams and lengthy delays so carry some games on your phone, some books on your kindle, some music any way you can.


9. Practice your pose.

You’ll probably be photographed from all flattering and unflattering angles so be sure you can strike a worthwhile pose as soon as you see the camera.


10. Remember the aunties.

The ones who notice everything, talk to everyone and forget nothing; beware of the Indian auntyji who will report any minor misstep to everyone she knows.


11. Keep extras handy.

It is always a good idea to have an extra and comfy pair of shoes, a nice-but-normal outfit, and anything else you might need kept in the car, just a quick shuffle away.


12. Stay relaxed.

During formal events people get so caught up in impressing others, they forget to have a good time for real; don’t let your mood be affected by pettiness or nervousness.


13. Know a few dance moves.

This is an Indian wedding and it will be as close to Bollywood style as possible, therefore, be prepared to shake a leg. Someone or the other will drag you to the dance floor.


14. Ditch the club moves.

Yes, you can probably rock the dance floor with your pelvic thrusts any given Friday, but it won’t be appropriate to start dancing like that during a wedding. Keep it clean-ish.


15. Mingle around.

Once of the best things about big gatherings like Indian weddings is that there’s a good chance you’ll bump into someone you like, and on this occasion it’ll be easy to break the ice.



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