13 Must Haves That Will Make Your Halloween Party A Success

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7:31 pm 7 Oct, 2015

Halloween is around the corner and everybody we know loves two things: the chance to dress up and trying to scare people. Luckily, Halloween lets you indulge your crazy side in a sporting way. If you want to throw a Halloween party this year, this list is going to help you out.  Here are things your party must have:


1. Creepy music

Nothing like music to set the right mood. Make sure you have some scary background music and noises to keep your party guests lively. Every time you think the party seems to be slowing down, let them have it.


2. Horrifying décor

There are so many themes that you can go with; there are also the staples – cobwebs, spiders, bats, witches, broomsticks, tombstones, etc. Make sure the rooms aren’t too bright, no matter how great your decor is.


3. A bouncer

A bouncer at a Halloween party? Hell, yes! There are some people who don’t play along; they’ll come to your party in normal clothes despite being told to costume it up. Chuck those party-poopers out!


4. Costumes for helpless friends

Then there are friends who will try real hard but not be able to get a costume together or botch their costumes up real bad. If your spare costumes are embarrassing, your guests will not make the same mistake twice.


5. Black light/Strobe light

Black lights and strobe lights can add both a party feel and a horror feel so they are quite essential to making sure your Halloween party is spooky. If you can, get a fog machine to add to the feel.


6. Skeleton

This is really a must-have. You can use your skeleton as a sentry at the door or make him stand near the snacks. You can even have an activity where you give prizes to those who dance best with the skeleton.


7. Food with a creepy twist

Of course any party needs good food, but your Halloween party needs to have good food that looks creepy and scary. Make sure that at least some of your food has a Halloween feel to it.


8. Alcohol

Any party can end up being awkward if people don’t mix and let loose; a great way to achieve that is to booze them up. Serve cocktails, pegs and shots and watch the liquid magic get to work.


9. Activities

There are many activities that will keep your guests busy – bobbing for apples, a murder mystery game, trying to catch hanging donuts with their mouths while their hands are tied behind their backs, and more.


10. Horror movie

It is a good idea to have a horror movie playing in the background, even if no one is really watching it. This way every time someone glances around, they’ll see some horrific scene or the other.


11. Costume contest

Your guests have worked hard at their costumes and you want to reward them for it. Have some good prizes on hand to give to those guests who really put in effort and helped your Halloween party not seem lame.


12. Karaoke

It’s not really a Halloween theme as such, but it is a great way to get guests to loosen up; if there are duets to be performed, you can be sure that your guests will be mixing and mingling too.


13. Party favors

You can have some small items (like candies, small décor items, etc.) that your guests can take away when they leave your party. It is a way for them to remember the fun they had this year so they make it next year as well.


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