21 Horror Movies That Will Thrill You This Halloween

What better time to overdose on horror movies than Halloween? We bring to you an assortment of horror movies in various languages that are sure to make you jump…or scream…or have nightmares.


1. Shutter (Korean)


2. Mama (English)


3. Insidious (English)


4. Darna Mana Hai (Hindi)


5. Goodnight Mommy (German)


6. Shadow People (English)


7. The Orphanage (Spanish)


8. Dark Water (Japanese)


9. Naina (Hindi)


10. Babadook (English)


11. Martyrs (French)


12. Ringu (Japanese)


13. The Devil’s Backbone (Spanish)


14. Sinister (English)


15. [Rec] (Spanish)

16. The Descent (English)


17. Lovely Molly (English)


18. Bhoot (Hindi)


19. Session 9 (English)


20. Livid (French)


21. Event Horizon (English)


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