Now You Can Even Get Your ‘Hair Cut’ In A Karnataka Hospital

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11:54 am 14 Oct, 2016

The Karnataka government recently made it mandatory for the government hospitals to have a hair salon on their premise so as to discourage patients and attendants from sporting bushy beards or unkept hair.


Representational Image You Tube

Representational Image You Tube

To make sure the instructions are followed, the Siddaramaiah government has even issued a directive that says it is mandatory for all government hospitals to have hair salons on their premises and asked them to give a regular compliance report.

“Create space in the hospital premises for the barbers to set up shops and submit a compliance report.” – Directive issued by Karnataka Health Ministery.

The directive was issued to all district health officers in the state and aims to ensure that the personal hygiene among patients and their attendants remains high.


Representational Image Monsoon Salon

Representational Image Monsoon Salon

The directive also aims to promote squeaky clean look and a shaved face as opposed to the grunge look that many follow in the state.

With this the govt. hopes to increase patients confidence levels and expedite their rate of recovery at the same time.

Hospital authorities have however made it clear that the directive should not be used to violate someone’s religious following or hurt their sentiments.

“This is not a hard-and-fast rule, it is only aimed at ensuring a better hospital environment. The sentiments of different religious communities will be respected and no one will be forced to change his or her looks against their will.”

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