Hafiz Saeed Defends Himself; Says Not Involved In JNU Row

6:33 pm 16 Feb, 2016

The Delhi Police and the government blamed LeT chief and Mumbai terror attacks mastermind Hafiz Saeed for instigating the ‘anti-national’ row at Jawaharlal University (JNU). The Delhi Police had earlier circulated a tweet allegedly posted by Hafiz Saeed which Twitterati claimed was a fake.

The police has now launched a probe into it and said:

“We checked the particular Twitter handle and most of its tweets and activities on the micro-blogging site were found to be anti-national. No matter who the handler was, the content was threatening, especially in the backdrop of the ongoing agitation at JNU.”

Now Hafiz Saeed, too, has pointed it out with an anti-India rant that is a favourite of every terrorist hiding in Pakistan. And the reason why he is able to speak in such a confident tone is because the authorities in India had no teeth in their charge.

1. He totally distanced himself from the JNU row.




2. But accused India of false propaganda. (Seriously, who the hell he thinks he is!)




3. And then lectured on the Kashmir issue. (A man whose group kills innocents lectures us on how to handle our issues.)




4. Citing the fake Twitter handle, he reiterated that he was not involved.




5. And then he lectured our Home Minister.




That Hafiz Saeed got such a bold chance to defend himself was because of the fake, unverified tweet. Our security agencies need to be more careful when citing evidences against terrorists.

And here is the video:




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