6 Hacks To Get That Perfect Click Of Yours You Always Wanted

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7:45 pm 30 Dec, 2015

Many of us always attempt to get a perfect picture clicked but fail to do so! These six ideas given by Ohio-based photographer Jodee Ball that may help you out a little to get a better photo:.


1. Don’t get conscious and stand stiff; instead, give a carefree pose that will help you to get a natural look.



2. Turn your body three-quarters away from the camera – that will help you to look less bulky!



3. Just be careful with your hands. They can give you an awkward look in the picture if neglected.



4. Lower your shoulders to the front from one side; it will help you to look slim in your pictures.



5. Bend your knee and take your arm away a bit. This pose will give a fun feel to the photograph.



6. Tilt your head slightly to the right, exposing the left part of your face more. It will give a different look to your face.


Viola, you are no less than a model now!

Credit: Borepanda

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