This Guy Tweeted To The Railway Minister For Diapers And Twitter Gave Him Perfect Replies For His Idiocy

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2:41 pm 14 Oct, 2016

Railway Ministry of India has been actively involved in solving its passengers’ queries on Twitter. Be it providing milk to a hungry child or quickly arranging a wheelchair for an ailing father, the Railway Ministry has proved its efficiency in emergency situations.

Seeing the prompt response of the ministry, people have been asking for help on Twitter in trivial and baseless matters as well. One such instance sprouted two days back when a passenger requested for Diapers. Yes, things are going that low.

This is what he tweeted:

sureshprabu tweet Expectedly, the Railway Ministry gave a kind reply:


But this dumb request didn’t go well with Twitter. They gave apt replies so that Prabhakar could realize his mistake:


Answer this, dude!

The best advice!


This may be a good idea. Or may be not.

His next tweet would be:

Sometimes, ignoring is the best revenge.

I hope this guy will learn his lesson and all others who post such idiotic queries!

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