Gurgaon Police Will Tag You As Uncivilized If You Park Your Car The Wrong Way

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2:49 pm 20 Apr, 2015

The Gurgaon police has come up with a ‘non-violent’ penalty system for those errant drivers who do not even know how and where to park their car properly – put a sticker reading ‘I AM UNCIVILIZED’ on the windshield.

The words on the sticker appear in bright red on a yellow background.


Instead of towing away the car or challan the vehicle owner, the Gurgaon police thinks this unique method will help put some sense in the minds of the drivers because of who traffic jams happen.


The police have already pasted 30 of them on Monday and 20 on Tuesday on cars parked haphazardly in between the stretch from Mayfield Garden in Sector 51 to Park Hospital in Sector 47, reports the TOI.


Speaking to TOI, DCP (traffic) Vinod Kaushik said,

“We have to use different means because people do not understand how not following traffic norms affects the city. It affects the speed of traffic, leading to jams. We want people to understand their civic responsibility.”

It is a great move, we say, because only an uncivilized ‘literate’ is capable of parking his car in almost the middle of the road and walk away without any care for the growing tail of cars behind his honking at their wits end.

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