After Gifting Gir Bulls In 1960s, Gujarat To Now Import Their Semen From Brazil

6:35 pm 4 Mar, 2016

Worried over declining cow population of Gir cows in the state, Gujarat government has decided to import 10,000 doses of Gir bull semen from Brazil.

What’s ironical is that the bulls whose semen are to be imported are descendants of those gifted to Brazil a century ago by the Maharaja of Bhavnagar.

gir bull1

While the Gir cattle population is on a decline in Gujarat, the south American country had seen them flourishing as they now number over 40 lakh.

Gir cows are extremely popular in Gujarat due to their very high milk yield. However, indiscriminate breeding and love for Jersey cows have led to the decline of Gir cow population in the state to nearly seven lakh out of the two crore milk-giving breeds.


gir bull-4

On the other side, Brazil carefully preserved the breed and now has a sizable population of Gir breed cows and bulls.

According to the state’s animal husbandry department, Rs 50 lakh has been allocated for this project and scientifically selected bull semen will be imported from Brazil for artificial insemination.




However, the move has raised the eyebrows of the state’s own Gau Seva Ayog (Cow Welfare Commission) that suspects Gir cows and bulls of Brazil may no longer be a pure breed.

Gau Seva Ayog claims that there is no need to import semen from Brazil as Gujarat has enough good quality Gir bulls.

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