Gujarat Businessman To Bear Education Expenses Of Children Of All 18 Uri Martyrs

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5:14 pm 22 Sep, 2016

Expressing solidarity with family members of the martyred soldiers in Uri, Mahesh Savani, a businessman from Gujarat’s Surat has offered to help.

Mahesh Savani of PP Savani group outlookindia

Mahesh Savani of PP Savani group outlookindia

The businessman has promised free education to the children of all the martyr soldiers.


Slain soldier Sunil Kumar Vidyarthi’s three daughters: Aarti, Anshu and Anshika Vidyarthi dainikbhaskar

Savani’s offer to help comes at a time when the whole of India stands united in demanding strict and decisive action against the neighbouring country. Tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad have come to a boiling point as the two point fingers at each other over Uri terror attacks. While nobody has claimed responsibility, the Centre has accused Pakistan of involvement, labeling it a terrorist state for supporting militants believed to be the perpetrators of the attack.



“I saw a girl of our Indian soldier crying on the television saying that her father had told her to study hard and become successful. At that very moment, I decided to sponsor the children of the martyrs killed in Uri attack,” Savani told a newspaper.

He said the courage shown by the children of the martyrs is exceptional and he feels proud over it.

He said he doesn’t have any daughter so he can feel the pain of the daughters of the martyrs.

“When I heard that these children want to follow the path of their father to serve the country then I decided to help them,” he said.



Mahesh Savani of Surat’s PP Savani group said these can study whatever and wherever they want and he will bear the expenses of their education.

PP Savani group is primarily involved in realty sector and also operates chain of schools.

Savani also said, “Along with education, we will also provide the hostel and other accommodation to the children wanting to study with PP Savani International school.”

The inconsolable family members of the deceased soldiers are demanding a direct action and revenge from Pakistan. indiatoday

The inconsolable family members of the deceased soldiers are demanding a direct action and revenge from Pakistan. indiatoday

He said the little children have lost their fathers so it was the prerogative of the group to sponsor the educational and other needs of the martyrs’ children.

The PP Savani group has been providing free education to fatherless girls from across the state since last many years. The 47-year-old businessman is also a father figure for around 472 women from underprivileged backgrounds. He has also organised mass weddings for them.

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