16 Things You Know Too Well If You Grew Up In A Coastal Indian Town

10:00 am 28 Jan, 2016

We all love to party at the beaches all night or wake up to rising sun amidst the waves, don’t we? Living in a beach town seems like a dream—you can simply laze around the whole day sipping on to colorful cocktails, frolicking in colorful bikinis, and get that lovely suntan. However, is this beach town all about, especially in India?

Here are few quite signs that tell us instantly if you are from a beach town:


1. To start with, you really wonder why your friends go gaga over a beach town, a popular one at that!

Because you have seen prettier places around your beach town with picturesque backwaters lined with coconut trees that offers you perfect serenity unlike the throbbing busy beaches.


2. But you feel quite proud when you announce your hometown.

You feel no less than a celebrity!


3. “No, I haven’t worn a bikini in my lifetime.”

Because Indian beaches and bikinis don’t always go hand in hand!


4. You have always craved for winters to come.

For summers spell H.U.M.I.D.I.T.Y—let’s not talk about summers, please?


5. NO! You don’t gorge over seafood day in and day out!

Because you have, perhaps, spend your lives eating daal, chawal or dosa, sambhar or any basic Indian meal like “everyone” else!


6. On your part, you are always tired of washing the sand off your dresses, tables and every possible where!


7. Don’t just talk about sun tan!

Just. Don’t.


8. No, you don’t have a booze party every weekend!

Come on, guys! It’s not Thailand—it’s INDIA! You are fed up of yelling at your friends that you, too, have families to oblige, at least till a certain age. Thank you.


9. You would always love to spend a warm, breezy evening at the calm beach with your near and dear ones than spending a night dancing at the pub.

It has its own splendor!


10. Most of your friends cannot digest the fact that even Goa, Havelock or Port Blair have schools and colleges!


11. Your friends believe you should have been a hippie of sorts!

What you cannot make them understand is Chennai, Pondicherry and Puri, too, are beach towns!


12. You’re tired of yelling at the shopkeepers and the local transport owners, “We are locals!”.

Thanks to the travelers swarming in on a daily basis, the prices of every single thing is on a hike—always!


13. Your childhood was spent playing cricket or football at the beaches.

And, you cannot get over them yet!


14. Or, picking up sea-shells from the beaches.

Come on, admit it—it has got a charm of its own.


15. A lovely family outing meant sipping on coconut water at the beach, and laughing over simple talks!

Simplicity, it is.


16. It may be a cliché to say, but oceans are a part of you.

For home it is.


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