Putting Life At Risk, The Baraatis In This Wedding Had To Swim On Boats To Reach The Bride

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11:08 pm 14 Jul, 2016

It’s often said about love that “Aag ka dariya hai, doob ke jaana hai” or “Understand that love isn’t easy, it’s a river of fire which one must drown in, to cross.”

It became true for two grooms in Orcha, Bhopal, when they had to cross the river in boats for their wedding.


Due to massive rainfall in Madhya Pradesh, rivers Jamni and Betwa have flooded the surrounding villages making it impossible to travel across without a boat.

However, the two grooms of these villages had their weddings fixed on July 13. And you know when there’s an Indian wedding scheduled, there can’t be any excuses to follow.



So on the very fixed date, the grooms suited up with gathered baratis on the banks of flooded rivers.

While the two grooms got themselves placed on a boat with life jackets on, the poor baratis had to take tubes and swim across the river.The rescue teams from Orcha were also called upon to arrange for lifeboats and jackets.

With an entire hefty arrangement, the marriage was finally solemnized on the night of July 13.

Well, this one wedding which will be more memorable for baraatis than the couple.

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