This Groom Had To Bathe In Cow Dung To Marry A Doctor Bride

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10:34 pm 11 Jul, 2016

Abhay Singh, the manager of Ahinsateerth Cowshed spent all his life among cows. Recently, this resident of Jalgaon, Nagpur was organizing his daughter’s marriage; his daughter is a doctor.

बारातियों ने भी इस सरप्राइज का खूब आनंद उठाया।


With changing times, people lack knowledge of Ayurveda. To spread some advantages of the same, he welcomed his daughter’s groom Mayank Singh and his family in a very unique way.

The groom and other 200 guests who came to attend the wedding and were surprised by the welcoming technique of Dr. Kajal (the bride’s father). The moment the groom and his family members entered the cowshed, they were made to drink a traditional liquid made of neem. Soon after, they were asked to take bath in a unique paste specially made for them.

यूपी से बरात में आए थे बराती।


The mixture was made not only with cow dung but also black soil, cow urine, milk, ghee and honey. Though the guests were stunned, but soon they started enjoying this unique welcome.

बरातियों ने कुछ यूं एन्जाय किया इस शुद्धिकरण को।


The father-in-law called this a purification method (shuddhikaran). The marriage cermony took place soon after it.




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