Grofers Is Kicking Out Recruited Students The Day Before They Join

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5:42 pm 29 Jun, 2016

”Is it a joke?”

That’s precisely what your reaction would be if you are fresh out of college, waiting outside your new office and are told that you are fired before even getting hired.


Rohan Coelho is a recent graduate from BITS Pilani, Goa who was recruited by Grofers this year. He was welcomed to a new city, given a hotel and just two days before his joining date, he was informed that his first job is no more.


Is Grofers kidding?


No compensation, no apologies and Rohan was asked to leave. Isn’t it too offensive an act which ruins a graduate’s career after all his college placements are done with?

You leave me unemployed after the recruitment cycle of companies is done! I wish I could say I would destroy the company but this is a clear sign that it’s already on its way there.


Grofers seem to be definitely on its way down the hill. Here’s how the company is sending rejection letters to college candidates after recruitment.


Not cool, Grofers! Not cool!


Source: Rohan Coelho

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