Greek Citizens Restort To Crowfunding To Bailout Their Country

Citizens of Greece have taken it upon themselves to get their country out of its current financial situation. Recently,  a crowdfunding campaign called Greek Bailout Fund was started so that Greece can pay 1.5 billion euros (about $1.75 billion) back to the International Monetary Fund.

The campaign, set up on the fund-raising website Indiegogo, had raised more than €1,760,397 in six days. To date, more than 100,178 people have donated to the bailout fund, although it is still some way off its €1.6bn (£1.13bn) goal.


The campaign was started by an Indiegogo user named Thom Feeney, who identifies himself as a 29-year-old working in a shoe shop in Britain. he wrote on the campaign page:

“Let’s just get Greece sorted. All this dithering over Greece is getting boring. This isn’t just about Greece, but about the Greek people, the working classes and trying to help other ordinary people across the world.”

This unique crowdfunding campaign to bail out a country seems to be a first one of its kind. The campaign promises rewards for donators, including olives, feta cheese, ouzo and postcards featuring Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras.


But according to the expert opinion, this crowdfunding won’t be able to solve the Greece crisis. The €1.5 billion that was due Tuesday is a tiny fraction of Greece’s total debt, which is  at €242.8 billion. Another payment, €3.5 billion to the European Central Bank, is due in July.


There is no harm in trying though.

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