7 Post-It Note Graphs Explaining Life

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7:00 pm 8 Sep, 2015

An artist has made these post-it note graphs to explain some moments of life. The demonstration of the graphs are humorous and amusing. You can easily relate to these rib-tickling graphs.

1. Toothpaste tube and its opposite reactions to the laws of physics.



2. Today when the internet is everywhere, we all have countless virtual friends rather than actual ones. This graph demonstrates the moment when you run into a social media friend and how things turns out.



3. Every blog, post or article generally describes summer with fancy and exciting words. But, we all know what the reality is. Don’t we?



4. Changing places and moving houses is a daunting task. It will eat up your time and you will work much more than you expected.



5.  See I told you more time than you expected, continuing from one and still going on in the other graph.



6. Dogs are such lovely beings. You can keep one obviously after getting a place for yourself. As soon as you get a dog you can see the inflating love graph for your dog and a deflating one for people you know.



7. You have the internet, own a place and a dog – so distraction will come for free with such a package.


Credit: medium.com
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