GPS Leads A Driver Into A 100-Feet Deep Lake But She Escapes Unhurt

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8:53 pm 17 May, 2016

Technology has it own flaws and being overly dependent on it can be dangerous. This was proven in a small town of Tobermory in Ontario, Canada.

A woman recently drove right into Lake Huron when an error in her car’s navigation system (GPS) directed her to the huge water body.


The 23-year-old woman was new in town and thus was not familiar with the area. It being the middle of the night and really foggy, she decided to to turn on her GPS device for assistance.



According to Canadian newspaper Toronto Sun, the driver followed the GPS instructions and took a turn that ended up in a lake from a ‘boat launch’.

A boat launch means when an object just drops all of a sudden into the water.

So driver would have been driving on the road one second and then suddenly just dropped and hit the water.


The car landed straight into Lake Huron in matter of seconds. The woman quickly accessed the situation and was able to roll the windows down and swim out before the car’s power failed.

The driver was unhurt, but the car drowned completely in the lake which is about 100 feet deep.


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