Government Launches Dashboards To Monitor ‘Make In India’ Progress, Rank States

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3:23 pm 14 Apr, 2016

The Centre has launched two dashboards that would help measure the progress made by every ministry and state on their respective ‘Make in India’ initiatives and ease of doing businesses.

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Nirmala Sitharaman launched the dashboards developed by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).

What are these dashboards?

The ‘Make in India Action Plan’ dashboard monitors the progress of 21 ministries in the 22 areas where the ambitious scheme aims to increase manufacturing and services, including defence.

A ministry can itself update its short-term and medium-term progress in its respective sector. The dashboard also facilitates timely delivery of identified action points, and monitoring and identification of delays in implementation.



The login page of the Make in India dashboard. DIPP

But this dashboard, it appears, can be accessed by the ministries alone.

The second dashboard, ‘State Level Business Reform Action Plan’, is meant for the state governments to inform on how they are helping businesses nurture and grow in their respective states.



A screenshot of the EoDB dashboard showing the key reform areas for states. DIPP

Also called Ease of Doing Business dashboard, it also has a feature to identify and disseminate information about the good practices followed by the States/UTs.

Once validated by the DIPP, a real-time ranking of the states will be reflected on the dashboards, which can be seen by everyone.

The progress of every state in key reform areas can also be seen by the public through the dashboard.


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