Google’s New Feature Will Now Let iOS Users Turn Live Photos Into GIFs

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8:14 pm 11 Sep, 2016

Google in its latest update for Photos app has allowed iOS users to convert Live Photos into GIFs and/or video clips.

Google Photos 2.0 version will even let its users share these GIFs with friends and family with a just click of a button.

Announcing their update, Google wrote a post on their Google+ account which said


They further added that the technology uses advanced stabilization mode which was originally used in the Motion Stills app.

This lets users convert Live Photos into GIFs, and share them on social media too.

The Motion Stills App further uses its own video stabilisation technology and freezes the background that makes GIFs even more smoother than its competitors.

What is more, the Google’s Live Photos update would be completely offline and thus can be used even when one doesn’t have access to the internet.


Reports further suggest that Live Photo update will record 1.5 seconds of video and audio both before and after one presses the shutter button to take a photo thus it would be an addition to a still JPEG image and one will have three-second Live Photo.

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