How Google Map Helped Solve The Mystery Behind Diwali And Dussehra’s 21-Days Gap

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3:58 pm 19 Oct, 2016

An old quora post seems to have gone viral on social media in the days between Dussehra and Diwali where a particular mystery behind the two festivals appears to have been solved by none other than Google.

The 2013 post shows the image of a map where time and distance between Ayodhya and Sri Lanka have been calculated.


The map shows that the distance between the two places is approximately 2586 km. The time taken to travel this distance via foot would take 514 hours or 21 days and 10 hours.


We too verified this claim via google map.

While many over this feed seem to be skeptic about the claim. Some have pointed out that the time is not ‘humanly’ possible as it will require them to walk non-stop and that too with obstacles like forests, mountains and water bodies in between. But there are others who have made some very valid points.

The optimists have pointed out that the time frame is very much possible for Lord Ram and others to have made this journey as they travelled via ‘aerial transportation’ and not foot.


Further, the average speed calculated by Google map is 123 km per day, which comes to travelling about 5.1 km per hour.

Thus assuming that lord Ram after defeating Ravana covered some of this distance via the Pushpak vimaan (aircraft) and rest on foot or horseback, one can see that it’s possible to cover this distance in less than 20 days, that too by taking rest and sleeping for few hours in between.

Looking at this, one can see that while the journey might have been hard and tiresome, it still is very much possible to cover this distance in approximately 21 days.

What do you think?

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