Google Confuses PM Modi With Nehru; Shows Former’s Image Under ‘First Prime Minister’ Search

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2:31 pm 15 Oct, 2015

If asked who India’s first Prime Minister was, the answer will be Jawaharlal Nehru.

But Google, about whom an urban legend is that it has answers to questions even God doesn’t has a reply to, is perhaps confused about who Nehru is.

When you type ‘India’s first prime minister’ in Google search box, the results return Nehru’s name. The problem is that the accompanying image on the top search has the face of a smiling Narendra Modi.




And when you click on ‘Images’ tab, the result is even more awesome.

Although most of the images are of Nehru’s, the top bar shows a collage of Modi’s photos listed under ‘President’.

Technically, Google is showing the ‘first’ in different categories as can be seen from the images of Sushmita Sen under ‘Miss Universe’ category.




Previously, Google officially apologised for a blunder that listed the current Prime Minister’s images against a search for ‘criminals’.

Compared to that, this ‘blunder’ is laughable but one wonders why or how Google commits them in the first place.

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