This New Feature By Google India Will Now Help You Find The Closest ATM

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4:57 pm 16 Nov, 2016

Looking at people’s need to approach Banks and ATM due to currency demonetization, Google India has now added a new feature to their Google India homepage which allows the person to just click on it and see where the closest ATM is located.


Google till now had only given this feature on their ‘Google Map’ Application on Android devices and had provided and additional facility to search the nearest ATM by typing the query on ‘Google Search Bar’ section.

This new feature has now been added to the ‘Google Homepage’ itself and can be easily be accessed via both computers and mobile devices.


Closest ATM Feature Google Map

Closest ATM Feature Google Map

On November 8, Prime Minister Modi had discontinued the old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes overnight which had then forced the people to rush to their nearest banks and ATMs in order to exchange the old currency notes.

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