Google Android 6.0 To Be Called Marshmallow And It Has An Enhanced Charging Feature

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10:12 pm 18 Aug, 2015

Following its nomenclatural culture, Google has decided on a name for their 6.0 version of their Android operating system. It will be called Marshmallow.

Google who is known to name their OS after sweet treats had been calling the 6.0 version as Android M until now.


Though a launch date for the release of the new OS  has not been decided upon, the software is expected to be launched somewhere in the 3rd quarter of 2015.


With this new release Google is also hoping to give Apple’s Lightning connector a huge competition as Marshmallow will be compatible with a new type of USB connector called USB-C, which Google has claimed charges devices three to five times faster than the current micro-USB chargers that Android supports.

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