Let’s Go Back To The Good Old ‘Mario Bros.’ Days

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12:17 am 7 Feb, 2016

Brace yourself! Some serious Mario nostalgia is coming your way.



The first time ever we got to be in the lead role.


Racing through the Mushroom Kingdom, fighting Bowser’s force, we needed to rescue Princess Toadstool.


All through the eight stages and four different worlds, the little plumber, Mario, conquers all odds and beats every obstacle. There are friends, enemies and lots of secrets.

Remember the popping mushrooms which made Mario grow taller? Well, the idea was inspired from a real one which has psychedelic effects that make you feel larger than life.

And of course, time was always running out.

mushroom gif


The Koopa Troopas were so annoying – those turtles who just never gave up. Even after Mario would hit them, they would go back into the shell only to come back and hit Mario again.

Bro, you gave me anxiety attacks, I swear!



Whenever we would think we’ve conquered the Koopa Troopa and the Goomba, we’d be cheated of the feeling.

The tunnel would suck us down. It just wasn’t fair!



But you know what was worse? The fake princess!

Screenshot (21)

That awkward moment:


Don’t even get me started on the tricky underwater stage. I was never prepared for it, no matter how hard I tried.

But defying all rules of physics like any true hero, Mario would throw fireballs in water.



That proud moment when Mario pulls down that castle’s flag.

flag gif


A lot of other Marios have come and gone, but Super Mario Bros 64 , you will be the one – always!


Screenshot (25)


Princess or no princess, another quest sounds like a good idea!

Watch a complete walk-through of this game here and drown yourself in that nostalgic music.


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