On Eid Eve, Goats Available Online For Sale. But They Are Not The Only Animals.

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1:33 pm 24 Sep, 2015

While the e-commerce businesses have taken up in India, it appears that almost anything and everything are being sold online now-a-days. So it is no surprise that ‘sacrificial’ animals such as goats are now being sold on e-commerce portals ahead of Eid.

Take a look at this ‘Goat for Sale’ on Quikr:

And this one on OLX:

If you search leading e-commerce sites such as quikr.com and OLX for animal and livestocks, you will not be left disappointed.

There are not one but many sellers and they come from all corners of India.

A few years ago e-selling was considered an elite shopping business. With free access to Internet and with the upsurge of smartphones over the years, it now seems that even the traditional selling markets of India are adopting the platform to reach more customers.

Not just goats, we found other animals too on the online market:





and even ‘Madrasi’ pigeons:

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