13 Girls You Will Meet Before You Finally Meet Your Woman

1:00 pm 26 Jan, 2015

1. Daddy’s Little Girl – Always comparing you to her dad

Mess with her and she’ll go straight to her dad. She does that for smallest of troubles coming her way.


2. Party Freak – Her mammoth social circle is suffocating

This girl will sniff out parties like a pro. And her boring stories about other people’s affairs make you sick.


3. The Bookworm – Career, success, stable job and good marks come before you

She has got the beauty and brains both. But she is so committed to her career and study group that after sometime, you will start feeling left out.


4. Miss Jealousy Personified – An interrogator you want to run away from as soon as you have the chance

Date her only if you have a great memory and an inborn talent of covering up your tracks.


5. The Nonstop Gossiper – Too many stories about her mother’s paternal aunts, sister’s son and more

Each story has a moral lesson. The core lesson she wants to pass on is that she is the ONE.

Between her and Miss Jealousy, the latter is a better bet.


6. The Perfect Bahu – Your mom loves her more than you do

Your mom will first try to convince you. Then, she will try blackmailing you. Beware.


7. The Eternal Fusser – This girl is an expert in imagining the worst-case scenario

She might want to tuck you in bed when it rains. She might fuss when you get up early, or eat quickly or sneeze twice. Put simply, she tries to be your mom in the most irritating way possible.


8. Ms Excitement – Too many roller-coaster rides

Breaking-up in the morning and making up in the evening. After meeting this one, you might think of calling back the ‘Fusser’.


9. The Fashion Freak – She may want to give you a complete makeover

She eats style, she drinks style and she only talks about the latest trends. If that was not all, she doesn’t like any of your clothes and will try to give you a complete makeover.


10. The Object of Envy – You will be in denial that you look like a toad next to her

Everywhere you go with this girl, the men want to kill you and the women want to stab you. While you keep wondering on when to pop the question, a handsome guy in an Audi will ask her out. And she will gladly leave you to sob in loneliness


11. The High Maintenance Diva – She expects the highest degree of chivalry, at all times

She is most difficult to please and drops the names of top brands like peanuts. Believe us, when we tell you that you will be thrown out, the moment you refuse to buy her that Louis Vuitton bag.

Bet you knew that!


12. The Emotional Wreck – She cries at the end of all Bollywood movies and the sight of a cute puppy or kid

But when she starts crying because of a broken nail, you should get worried. Mince your words and think before you speak.


13. The Dreamer – She starts planning her wedding with you on 3rd date

She might want you to meet her parents on the fifth. The names of you future kids might get discussed later.


14. The ONE – The Imperfect Girl who’s perfect for you

Custom designed, just for you. She is beautiful, sweet, and laughs at your jokes from her heart. You have similar or opposite tastes in books, movies and music – doesn’t matter. You are into each other and that’s all that matters. Her friends accept you just the way you are, and you mom loves her too.

Being with her, makes you forget all other girls you ever dated.

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