These Are 13 Things Girls Wish Boys Should Know

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10:00 pm 10 Jan, 2015

Men are from Mars and women from Venus, they said.

Okay, there has to be a difference of opinion. But there are some things we really wish boys knew.

No, we don’t want a Knight in shining armor; a guy who truly loves us, wrapped in silver foil will do just fine. We just want a boy who wants us back. Figuring out a woman might seem like rocket science, but it really is very simple.

Read on more to know what girls wish boys knew:

1. Break the cliché of girls and gossip, please

We can keep secrets.

2. You never tell a woman this – I like you because you are not like the rest of the girls.

It is the worst compliment that you can give to a woman.

3. Learn to live with our habits, choices and hobbies

You wouldn’t like it if we criticized yours, no? So the sooner you accept that we are different, the faster we can call it a truce.

4. Do not generalize women; each one of us is different

Not all of us are bad drivers or shopaholics or take three hours to get ready. And for God sake, we are not dumb.

5. Let us finish; don’t shut us down

Genetically, we are more expressive. You need to understand that.

6. Every time we act a little annoyed and crazy, it is not PMS

Just say sorry, like you meant it. Throw in a candle light dinner, just to cheer us up. Make us smile. We like to do that a lot.

7. Compliment the little things we do for you, and not just the looks

That will make our day.  An expensive gift is not the ideal way to make up though we adore surprises.

8. When we are angry and hang up, you ARE supposed to call back ASAP

If we don’t pick up the first time, call again and again. It is not about ego, it’s a girl thing.

Please take note of this. Please.

9. We may know about sports, cars and WWE more than average guy

So when I make that witty statement, please don’t say ‘Not bad for a girl.’

10. If I am independent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I can’t cook

And if I am a girl, doesn’t necessarily mean that I can cook. But I am willing to learn.

Ask what I want.

11. When we are upset, just listen; no GYAAN please

Don’t start with the practical aspect and the ideal solution. That part we can manage on our own.

Just make us feel important.

12. A visual with a peeping strap should not shock you

Stop acting ignorant. No big deal.

13. We are not after your money

There is more to you and me than money. Let’s stick around to find out more.

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