10 Thoughts That Cross Girls’ Minds When They See A Guy They Like

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10:00 am 11 Apr, 2016

Gone are the days when girls were content to get hitched to a guy they’d never seen. Nowadays, girls know what they want and know how to get it. Sure, good looks will be advantageous to a guy, but that’s not all girls look for in a potential love interest. They want to know if his beauty goes deeper than the skin and if he’s an all-round great guy.

Here are some of the things girls think about when they spot a hot guy:


1. If you’re merely good looking, they’ll only treat you like eye candy.

Girls thoghts


2. Expensive tastes are fine but a kind soul wins over loyalty.

Girls thoghts


3. A good physique is great but he should know good moves as well.

Girls thoughts


4. An accomplished guy is intriguing but a cuddle-bunny is lovable.

Girls thoughts


5. If he always needs to be right, then he’s best left alone.

Girls thoughts


6. What’s more romantic than a home-cooked dinner?

Girls thoughts


7. Toughness is a state of mind as well.

Girls thoughts


8. Girls love a dependable and stable guy more than a flashy one.

Girls Thoughts


9. If he’s selfish, he’ll only take care of himself. No girl wants that.

Girls thoughts


10. A great guy can take a joke and pull off playful pranks to keep you laughing.

Daniel Henny


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