Do Girls Really Distract Boys? This 3 Minute Post Will End Your Confusion

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2:21 pm 17 Sep, 2015

“She ruled my mind, as if she fu*king owned it.”

As I plugged in my headphones, I felt the divine, sensuous and enticing power of Beyonce’s Crazy In love capturing my heart. It was imperative to grab the essence of this article.

Girls and madness go hand in hand. No matter how consciously blessed and strong you are, you cannot escape their lunacy.

So, today I will counter the myth that your parent taught you: GIRLS MEANS DISTRACTION. I have summarized my thoughts in the best possible way for you. Also, Beyonce will be playing in my head all through this listicle.


Who were you before that girl entered your life? 

You were floating in a stable equibrilium, calm and composed. You were always organized, your punctuality defined all your attributes. You never doubted the practical theory that ‘Girls distract boys’ as it kept you away from the confusing world. In fact, just ogling at the girls gave you immense pleasure.

Actually, it’s complete s*it. You were MAD then too, desperately waiting for an ideal girl to enter your life. You’d be jealous of your besties partying with their girlfriends every Saturday night and posting cozy selfies at the rate of 5 selfies/per weekend.




Then destiny favored you and a girl of your dreams enter your life. 

Her sex-appeal, dazzling smile, epic gorgeousness,  and other adaas lit your world like nothing else. But now, you lost all control of time as she became your clock.

Focus broke-up with you, as she came closer. Your grades declined, sleepless nights welcomed you and your restless thoughts were under her control.

Actually, you went MAD. Or maybe in love.




You revised your practical theory again: Girls are a distraction

You left that girl and changed your number, thinking that you would escape this insane phase and be normal again. For a day, you were happy and felt peace running in your veins. Your head felt a bit lighter.

After few days, you went mad again as she was gone. After all, she was reason for your madness. If the reason is gone, then why you are f*cking MAD again?



I will tell you why!

Yes, girls make you mad. But your mind couldn’t accept that it’s OKAY to be mad for a girl and go crazy over her addictive and magnetic smile. After all we humans are no spiritual entities, whose consciousness never betrays them.

It is very normal to be distracted by a girl. After all she is the replacement of all the ‘ogling’ girls. If you keep a single girl in your head, she is gonna fu*king rule it, as all competition is gone. But assuming that distraction is damaging you, will further effect your focus.

Also, those romantic flirty lines and creative one liners never originated from pure consciousness.


So, how to get back your focus?

Stop taking your life so seriously and stop judging everything happening to you. Instead enjoy time with her, control your mind by living in the present and get back to her as soon as possible. The more you believe a girl is distracting you, the more she will!


I would end this debate by saying:

“Agar ladkiyan pagal nahi karti, to yeh jawani deewani nahi hoti.” 

Ayan Mukerji, are you listening? Sign me up as a dialogue writer!


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