11 Things Girls Want To Say To The Guy They Have A Crush On

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11:27 pm 8 Sep, 2016

If I had to choose between getting punched in the face and having a crush on someone, I’d most likely choose the former. When girls crush on guys, for the most part they spend their time agonizing about every little detail of their crush and any interaction they had with them, fantasizing about the various ways they could get their crush, and worrying about what their crush thinks of them. It’s a seriously godawful time. To top it off, one tends to behave in rather strange ways around one’s crush, as if seeing them makes you a little retarded.

Here are some of the things girls wish they could tell their crushes, but they don’t:


1. Way too much of our precious time is wasted on you.

out of my head


2. If it’s not going anywhere, one would like space to get over a crush.



3. Exactly how many hints are required?

girl crush


4. The whole day is spent searching for you. It remains a day of defeat.

no meaning


5. If you only knew the things we’ve done together…

can't be friends


6. Every girl a potential threat; every girl hopefully a sister.

jealous girl


7. In reality, the crush makes no sense; its knowing all their flaws and still wanting them.

built you up


8. Some days your crush disappoints you so badly, you hate seeing them.

no see


9. Sometimes crushes want to have their cake and eat it too.



10. Crushes can make us behave strangely.

odd around you


11. What can kill such deep-seated hope?

crush sayings


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