10 Ways The Right Girl Changes A Guy’s Life

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8:32 pm 22 Jan, 2016

A man without the right woman:

Loneliness drowns him, confusion envelopes his uncreative mind and he sees himself in the mirror everyday but never finds his true self. He wears different masked personalities shadowing his flaws and imperfections. Emotions are alienated from his soul and his life oscillates between gloominess and ignorance.

A man with the right woman:

The toxicity in her madness and sensuousness makes him feel alive. His emotions are not alone anymore, they are connected with someone he loves. He is not afraid of himself and has a woman to complete him.

Here is why every guys needs a right woman:

1. Firstly, she makes you mad all the time.

When you are with her, you actually realize that a ‘heart’ exists in midst of those mechanical organs, which has a voice of its own. And when the heart speaks too loudly, the mind loses its consciousness and she starts revolving around your wondering mind at a speed of 365 rotations/sec.


2. Sometimes, losing your mind is the best thing ever.

Losing your mind means losing your old ‘self’, which was not you but just a pretentious role you were playing to impress someone. Your new ‘self’ will change the way you see the world.


3. She pushes the boundary of your emotions.

Your emotional imbalance gets a support, which you always needed. The struggle to accept your feelings, your insecurities and your flaws becomes so easy when she accepts you unconditionally.


4. She makes your life interesting.

Your late-night moments of solitude and boredom are replaced by romantic chats with her. You feel that night is no more a burden but a uncluttered river of flowing emotions.

5. Your always feel connected to her.

As she expresses herself, your thoughts collide with perfect understanding and it appears your beliefs are mutual, originating from the same heart.


6. She makes you a better human being.

She makes you worry less about the consequences and inspires you to enjoy the present moment. The tempting longing to be with her forever forces you to change and become a good person.


7. She makes you a better listener.

Her engaging and alluring talks invite all your senses to keep listening to her and you just sit silently, as her   pleasing words enlighten your hushed ears.

8. She makes you a more focused person.

The girl who owns your focus, also owns the power to strengthen it. Sometimes, just one motivating line from her can erase all the negativity from your monotonous life.

9. She makes your life a chaos but that chaos is so organized.

Your life starts rotating around her demands and needs. She continuously creates madness that separates you from the reality but just by swimming in that madness, your life will find its right shore.


10. Most importantly, you are happy.

She is that one piece in that unsolved puzzle that completes you. Your moments of happiness rest in her soul, which she flashes with her smile to light up your life.

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