See These Men’s Reactions When A Beautiful Girl Asks Them To Have Sex With Her

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2:17 pm 2 Dec, 2015

We live in a society which has constructed a stereotype for almost everything. People are afraid to talk about sex. Though today’s generation is very much open about many issues but they still feel awkward discussing sex and sexual stereotypes.


Living in such a society, what would be your reaction if a random girl or guy approach you for sex?



Out of curiosity, YouTube star Andrea Wendel asked 100 random men to have sex with her, for a very simple reason.

She just wanted to cross check the stereotypes!


She caught them during the day and approached them. Check out the number of surprising reactions.

It did not come as a surprise when men gave responses like, “Let’s go!”


Or when old men just jumped onto her saying they “would love to”.


But men making excuses to say, “No” was something that came as a shock!


Many even gave her advise to choose a good life for herself rather than doing all this.

“No, it’s a very weird proposition and that’s very strange. Plus, I think that’s stepping out of regular social conventions. I’m going to walk away now,” one man said, commenting on the cultural belief that women don’t normally offer men sex.



They were shocked because a girl bluntly asked for sex.

Her bold question made people think that she was a prostitute and many even asked her for rates. It was a surprise for them when she answered that she is doing it for free.



By the end of the video, you can see that Wendel got 30 men to agree to have sex with her, while 70 declined.

Society has created a false image of men always ready to have sex. Though some would say that the result numbers would have been different if she had asked men on a Saturday night in a dark club rather than in broad daylight!



This video surely came out as a myth-buster for the socially constructed belief that portrays men in constant pursuit of sex and women as the guardians of it. The video surely will make you laugh along with clearing a stereotype:

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