‘Gift Your Wife A Maid’ Advertisement Sparks Controversy, Again

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4:59 pm 12 Feb, 2016

Valentine’s Day offers lovers many ways to express their emotions. But what will you say when you witness a website advertisement that suggest husbands “gift” their wives a maid.

Bookmybai.com, a startup that provides maid services, has come out with an advertisement again to promote their website. Last year, during the time of Diwali, the website also came up with a similar ad, leading to controversy, with many taking to Twitter to share jokes and comments; while others criticised the website for being sexist. One user even called it a “human slavery ad”.



The service lets pick maids for house cleaning, cooking, babysitting and elderly help. It also allows users to pick and choose a maid depending on their expectations as well as the religious, linguistic and places of birth of the maids.




There is hardly any doubt that the maid, who might be the only earning member of the family, has not been portrayed properly, which is awful. The trivialising of their work is also not the best way to convey the message. In addition, the idea of gifting humans looks so kiddish.

The advertisement that came up last year.

The advertisement that came up last year.

Responding to the ad, there were some who had questioned the logic behind it:

Some even made fun of it:


But there were some who said:


However, according to Anupam Sinhal, co founder of bookmybai, the campaign last year was extremely light hearted and does not intend to stereotype or discriminate women. “We would never dream of doing that since women are the reason we exist. Ninety nine per cent of domestic helps are women. It completely depends on the mindset of the person reading the advertisement,” he had said.

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