Yes, You Can Survive A Close Encounter With These 6 Dangerous Animals

12:10 pm 30 Mar, 2016

Ever encountered a dangerous creature? Or, what is the one deadly animal or creature on earth that you’re really scared of and wish never want to encounter in your life? When it comes to wildlife, humans have a habit of exaggerating stories to make them sound more scary or impressive even when it’s not so in reality. True, there are indeed many dangerous creatures on earth. However, expert says if we listen to our guides, act responsibly, and abide by a few rules, ‘dangerous’ wildlife watching can be a fun and thrilling experience. Read on to know how to get close to some of the most dangerous animals on earth.


1. Green anacondas

The largest snake in the world has been depicted as a monster for decades in films and literature. They are not that dangerous that we can’t get closer to them. Expert says anacondas very rarely attack adult humans as they have to swallow their prey whole and the diameter of the average person is an intimidating size.

Dangerous animal


2. Komodo dragons

At ten feet long, Komodo dragons are the largest living lizards on earth. Even though these dragons attacking humans are not unheard of, it is said they are not totally too dangerous to get close to. Expert say one can view or even take photographs of them in the morning, at the time when they are more active and usually out in the open, warming their scales in the early sun.

Dangerous animal


3. Grizzly bears

It is said most of these Grizzlies are habituated to humans, and experts say one can get as close to them and watch them calmly. The bears will just pay little attention or not react at all.

Dangerous animal


4. Gorillas

Gorillas are predominantly herbivores, and people are afraid of these enormous apes just because of their size and strength. In fact, they are actually very reserved toward people. They only attack if they are surprised or threatened.

Dangerous animal


5. Orcas

Orcas are known as ‘Killer Whales,’ and even though they have a very diverse diet that includes fish, seals, dolphins, squids, rays, larger whales and even great white sharks, there has never yet been an incident of a human being killed by an orca in the wild.

Dangerous animal


6. Great white sharks

No matter how much fear has been drummed up about the dangers posed by these creatures, great white sharks don’t go after humans. Humans are not a natural prey source for them. In fact, they are a vulnerable species that need human protection.

Dangerous animal


Credit: Matador Network


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