Animal Kingdom: Gay Penguin Couple Celebrate Ten Years Together In A German Zoo

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11:58 pm 5 Nov, 2016

Dotty and Zee, two male Humboldt penguins who live in a zoo in Germany, celebrate ten years as a couple. They have been monogamous with each other for a decade now and are completely inseparable.


Research has shown that more than 450 animal species display gay behavior. Research also shows that most species of penguins mate for life. We humans can learn so much from animals!

Not only are Dotty and Zee monogamous, they also raised a baby penguin when a mother rejected its egg. The penguins shared the responsibility of incubating the egg and also shared feeding work and everything else that was necessary for the baby.


Isn’t that the cutest thing?!! There are countries that let anyone, even animals, spend their lives with whomever they choose to spend ’em with. And then there are countries that refuse to afford that same right to human beings! What a bizarre world we live in!


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