This Garud Commando Is The Wolverine Of Indian Armed Forces. Yes, Seriously!

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6:05 pm 8 Jan, 2016

Sailesh Gaur is all of 24. He is a Garud commando – a member of the elite special forces of the Indian Air Force. He was there when terrorists attacked the Pathankot Indian Air Force base and was tasked with defending the Mechanical Transport Area of the base.


Sailesh Gaur


Sailesh was a part of the buddy pair deployed to defend the Mechanical Transport Wing of the base from the terrorists.

When commando Gursevak Singh, another braveheart, fell fighting the terrorists, Sailesh took his place and continued the counter-attack.


Sailesh was supported by his “buddy” Katal. The two continued firing at the terrorists.

But while fighting, Sailesh was hit by no less than six bullets – all in his abdomen. Yet he did not flinch and continued fighting the terrorists.


It was he and his buddy Katal who showed exemplary courage and resilience and thwarted the terrorists from damaging the Mechanical Transport Area. They fought for over an hour.

Because of on-going action, it took another three hours for back-up to take Sailesh to the hospital. Yet he survived.

You can see a long cut mark across his abdomen where doctors performed a surgery to remove the bullets. Wolverine would be proud!


Sailesh’s resoluteness, the martyrdom of Gursevak Singh and the able support of Katal ensured that the 2000-acre compound of the Mechanical Transport Wing remained safe.

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