Sehwag Reveals How Ganguly’s Sacrifice Made M.S. Dhoni One Of India’s Best Cricketers

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6:40 pm 9 Oct, 2017

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who was popularly referred to as ‘Captain Cool’ throughout the time he led Team India as a captain, is famous for his amazing cricketing skills and presence of mind that he uses on the field. We saw how Dhoni became a cricketer in his biopic ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’. But whose sacrifice made Dhoni a star of the cricket world? It has been revealed now by none other than veteran Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag.


In a recent interaction with the media, Virender Sehwag revealed that it’s Sourav Ganguly’s sacrifice that gave Dhoni a chance to become a star. A credit of the success and stardom that Dhoni is enjoying today goes to Ganguly. It was Ganguly who sacrificed his No.3 batting position and gave it to M.S. Dhoni even when Dhoni failed to perform in the first few international matches.

Talking about the sacrifice that Dada did for Dhoni, Sehwag said:

“We were experimenting with the batting order at that time. We decided that if we get a good opening partnership then Sourav Ganguly would come at No.3 but if we had a bad opening stand then we would send pinch hitters like Irfan Pathan or Dhoni to accelerate the scoring rate.”


Sehwag revealed that Dada took the decision that many captains won’t. Sourav Ganguly always believed in giving chances to the upcoming players.

“Ganguly at that time decided to give Dhoni a chance at No.3 for three or four matches. There are very few captains who would first give away his own batting spot for Virender Sehwag and then his set spot of No.3 for Dhoni. Had Dada (Ganguly) not done that, Dhoni would not have become such a great player. Ganguly always believed in giving chances to new players.”

Now we know that Dada played a very important role in Dhoni’s journey of becoming ‘The Dhoni’. Hat’s off to Sourav Ganguly for being a true sportsman.

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