Artists Use Mentos To Ensure That Ganpati Stays Fresh This Ganesh Chaturthi

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9:35 pm 5 Sep, 2016

There has been much talk of making idols more eco-friendly, especially when the goal is to submerge them in water for ritualistic reasons. The use of clay and non-harmful colors is on the rise, as is creativity.

Mentos Ganesh


A society in Mumbai built a Ganesh idol not with clay but with candies. The Makba Chawl Ganpati Mandal used a variety of Mentos candies to cover the Ganesh idol, turning it into a sweet, colorful treat.

Makba Chawl Ganpati


Associations of Ganesh Mandals in Mumbai have reported a rise in the theme of ‘Hindutva’ this year, crediting it to the upcoming BMC elections. The Mandals are also hopeful that political parties will therefore donate more money to them this year.


Origin: SUNO

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