This Is What Mahatma Gandhi Wrote To Adolf Hitler Just Before The Start Of World War II

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5:41 pm 10 Sep, 2016

Yes, the world’s most respected non-violent political figure of the 20th century did write not one but two letters to the world’s most hated man of his time.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote to Adolf Hitler the first letter when the latter had just invaded what was left of Czechoslovakia, which will eventually mark the start of the World War II.

In his letter dated 23rd July 1939, Gandhi urged Hitler not to lead the world to a devastating war using the finest style of English language writing.


Note Gandhi’s language. He takes great care to use the politest words possible to put across the point he intends to make so that the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany does not take offence to his words.

Though Hitler paid no heed to Gandhi’s letter (probably because the letter was not delivered to Nazi Germany by the then British government), the Mahatma wrote another letter to Hitler – this time a lengthy one and with words that had a hint of harshness.

“Such are your humiliation of Czechoslovakia, the rape of Poland and the swallowing of Denmark,” he writes. In both the letters he addressed Hitler as “Dear Friend”.

Yet Hitler again did not respond, probably because he never received it.

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