Cricketer Gautam Gambhir Endorses The Idea Of Banning Everything Related To Pakistan

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12:10 pm 19 Oct, 2016

Cricketer Gautam Gambhir on October 18 said that India should sever all its ties with Pakistan until cross-border terrorism stops.


Gambhir, further added that there is a need to empathize with people who lose their loved ones and family members on the border and people need to put themselves in their shoes.

“I absolutely endorse that we should have no ties with Pakistan until the time this cross-border terrorism finishes, because I feel that people absolutely need to put themselves in the shoes of those who’ve lost their kids, someone who’s lost their father, son or husband.”

Gambhir further added that besides Cricket, India should also cut their political ties with Pakistan and that there should be absolutely no Bollywood connection with them whatsoever.

“So I totally endorse that until the time we don’t secure our own Indians, our own countrymen, all other things can be kept aside. I totally ensure that we should not have any relationship with Pakistan until cross-border terrorism is over.”

Indian batsman’s statement comes at a time when there is an ongoing debate in the country with regards to banning on all ties with Pakistan.


Last month, BCCI president Anurag Thakur had also said that there is no question of playing cricket with arch-rivals Pakistan and had even added that he was planning to approach ICC to not put them in the same group as Pakistan during Champions Trophy.

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