13 Ways To Not Gain Weight During This Wedding Season

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2:07 pm 2 Nov, 2015

The wedding season is here! Someone in your family or friends or close relatives must be getting married. While you are busy preparing yourself to attend the wedding gala one after the other, you also fear putting on weight, amidst so many functions and many wedding parties to attend. To help you sail smoothly through this wedding season without gaining much and also making sure you enjoy the functions to its fullest, we have come up with suggestions on how you can avoid falling into the trap of eating too much.

So, go ahead and enjoy the weddings to come and let food there not bother you much.

1. Dance at the wedding to divert your mind from eating the sumptuous cuisine.

Or show them your moves after having fed too much.


2. Eat your food slowly.

Enjoy the food slowly without jumping for a second helping and by the time you finish you will realize you are full.


3. Don’t eat everything that is offered in appetizers.

Just say a ‘No’.


4. Avoid snacking even after you are full.


5. Opt for low calorie drinks and dump the alcohol.


6. Divert your focus on the bride and groom.

Well, they deserve your due attention.


Gaining weight


7. Or on the handsome hunk or pretty lass.


8. Or on how you are looking.


9. Click pictures of the wedding.

That will help you skip passing your time eating.


10. Have a glance at the buffet before grabbing the plate.

Choose what to eat and what not to. Don’t take everything that is on the table.


11. Add more of salads and fruits to your plate.


12. Run to the gym to burn the carbs gained.


13. Or go for a detox diet after attending a wedding.



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