Nitin Gadkari Slams Shiv Sena For Forcing Cancellation Of Ghulam Ali Concert

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4:16 pm 9 Oct, 2015

Amid the controversy over the cancellation of Ghulam Ali’s concert in Maharashtra, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari criticised Shiv Sena for protesting against the musical show.

Declaring himself as ‘big fan‘ of the popular Pakistani ghazal singer, Gadkari said:

“So, there is nothing wrong when people protest against Pakistan government since it’s always engaged in proxy war against us. But even I am a big fan of Ghulam Ali. It’s wrong to protest against him.”


Ghulam Ali’s concert, which was to happen in memory of late singer Jagjit Singh, was cancelled after Shiv Sena protests.

Sena was of the view that a Pakistani artist should not be performing at the event especially looking at the current situation at the Indo-Pak border.

Later, chancing upon the incident, Delhi Aam Adami Pary invited the Ghazal singer to perform in the national capital.

Today, Arvind Kejriwal confirmed it and tweeted:

Ghulam Ali had said that the cancellation of Mumbai’s event had left his hurt but not angry.

“Yes I have accepted the invitation and most probably I will be coming in December. I have always said that I will go wherever people invite me with love. I have been coming to India for the past 40 years. So, yes I am happy,” Ali told PTI just before leaving India.

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