10 Fun Facts About Destination Weddings

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12:00 pm 25 Sep, 2015

Indian wedding season is here again! Weddings have always been XXXL size for Indians and with the upcoming trend of destination weddings, there could be no grander way to celebrate. When we talk about destination weddings, there are a lot of anticipations in our minds about the same. Here we list some fun facts about destination weddings.

1. Free vacation

Who would have thought that attending someone’s wedding party could give you a free vacation? Destination weddings are held at some of the most exotic holiday locations and mostly include royal palaces or coastal beaches. A fun vacation with your family and friends without spending a penny on anything; life could not get better.


2. Private affair

The maximum number of people that are invited for destination weddings does not usually go beyond 200. This number includes only close relatives and a few very dear friends. The whole celebration becomes a private affair without much unwanted guests.


3. Grand get-together

The concept of joint family is long gone and there are very few times in a year that we see our close ones. Destination weddings compel all the relatives to attend the same which actually results in a grand family get-together.


4. Less expense

There is a very wrong notion about destination weddings that they are more expensive than the usual weddings at home. This myth needs to be busted. Destination weddings cost lesser as the guest list is cut short and no miscellaneous expenditure occurs due to well planning.


5. Memories

When with family, that too at an amazing location, there are bound to be memories made for life. The time you spend with your relatives and friends at a destination wedding, will surely be unforgettable and cherished for the rest of your life.


6. Secret flings

At destination weddings, there is ample time for everyone to enjoy each other’s company. Most of the times, the relatives of the bride and groom stay together at one place which results in some interesting flings among the youngsters. A holiday, a grand party and in the middle of everything, a bit heart-pumping fun fling; awesome!


7. Intimate participation

Usually, wedding, for most of the guests means delicious food. People are least interested in participating in the rituals involved in the 5-day long celebration. At destination weddings, they are aware of the fact that they are there for a purpose and a very intimate participation of all the guests in the wedding rituals takes place.


8. Week long holiday

Indian weddings are famous all over the world for a very interesting reason that they last for at least five days and may go up to a week. The grandeur of celebrations is the real essence of an Indian wedding. For the working, a week long holiday amidst a hectic schedule is a blessing.


9. Late night gossip

While enjoying the night under a beautiful starry sky with your cousins and friends, gossips are sure to happen. Your childhood days are brought back to life wherein the best moments you had with your cousins were during late night gossips.


10. Free honeymoon

If you are planning a destination wedding for yourself at some well-reputed hotel, you may even get a free honeymoon at the same place after the celebrations are over as a complementary gift for the newly-wed couple. Most of the hotels offer such a package to attract destination wedding projects.


If you have an invitation for a destination wedding, do not let it go. This would probably be the best time of the year for you with all fun things happening around. If you are planning a destination wedding for yourself, you are going to have lots of merry memories of your wedding for telling stories about the same to your kids.


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