8 Perks Of Dating A Silly Girl

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2:56 pm 24 Apr, 2015

1. You’ll always feel smarter

Let’s face it, all of us could use improvement now and then; and it’s a bitch when people point out the shortcomings in your arguments or tell you that your “facts” are wrong. A silly girl will never do that. She will marvel at the most stupid statement you make and regard you as Einstein, when you’re really Supandi.

Fucking classy

giphy “If any fucker knows what fucking classy is, it’s fucking you.”

2. There’ll be no surprises

Unlike women who’re always trying to use their own mind and reach their own conclusions (the horror!), a silly girl will never surprise you by thinking that you lazing around all Sunday long means you’re a lazy bum. She’s not going to just decide that if you don’t make an effort, you’re not worth the effort yourself.

Man on bed

giphy “That’s noooot poooooorrrrn!”

3. You’ll get away using the lamest excuses

Coming up with excuses occupies so much of our time; yes, even you Mr I’m-so-honest. Bosses, parents, friends, colleagues – literally everyone you know is ready to dissect your excuses and say, “Didn’t you say your pet iguana died last month?” But not your silly little love. She’ll take the lousiest excuse you offer as religious truth.

Swing fail

giphy “Your love is like this swing – disappointing.”

4. Fights? Never! Because you’re always right

The worse thing about these independent educated women is that they insist they can use their own brains. As if! Then fights are bound to follow, ‘cause you’re the man yo and no female is going to tell you how it is. But for your idiotic love-bug, you’re always right. If you tell her your dad is rich like Ambani, she’ll actually go buy a merc instead of asking to meet him.

Ride me

giphy “Forget the bus. My wang will drop you to your office.”

5. She’s your programmable robot

Sure your silly girl has a few ideas of her own; she’s watched movies, she’s read hundreds of Mills & Boon, she’s heard love songs, but the fact that she is silly means that you will be able to reprogram all her previous data. You want her to stay at home and cook? Alright! You want her to dress sexy for office parties? You got it.


giphy “No I wasn’t asleep. I was listening intently.”

6. Her world will revolve around you

Her mother just died but you want to go to a water park; water park it is, baby! If you want to hang around with your friends, you better bring them home because she wants to know all about your friends – what you talk about, what jokes you crack, etc. Don’t see it as obsession; she is seriously devoted to you and your happiness.

Kristen Wiig

giphy “Isn’t he so sweet!”

7. She’ll be like your hit-man, er, woman

Since her world revolves around you, your silly girl will keep her eyes (and metaphoric claws) on you at all times. If she thinks you’re checking another girl out, she’s likely to try and kill the other girl. Think of how great this is for you; you can get rid of any female enemies just by looking at them when your girl is around. Hell! Try it on the male ones too.

giphy "Close your eyes! Close your eyes!"

giphy “Close your eyes! Close your eyes!”

8. You’ll become a great watchdog

Once you realize that there are such serious perks of being with a silly girl, you’ll become increasingly paranoid about her leaving you. Come on! Who else is going to believe that performing card tricks means you have tantric powers? You’ll hang around her like she once hung around you, trying desperately to keep the wolves at bay. Good luck!

Regina George

giphy “Much MUCH more…”

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