Here Is Why This 60-Year-Old Man Is CYCLING All the Way From Leh To Kanyakumari

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11:07 pm 13 Oct, 2016

Avid cyclist Gagan Khosla would be turning 60-years-old in November this year and thus would soon be called a “senior citizen”.


To give himself an early birthday present, Gagan recently decided to “treat” himself. But instead of visiting a spa, or taking a luxury cruise, he decided to cycle all the way from Ladakh to Kanyakumari, that too in less than two months.

“This is to break a mindset that most Indians tend to exhibit on reaching the age of 50 or 55. I hear, ab to buddhe ho gaye (we are now old) all too often… this is all in the mind. You need to maintain your health at any age, otherwise how can you really enjoy life?”

To give you and estimate, this is approximately 4,000 kilometers on road and will require him to cross a total of 13 states in the process.

We might once again remind you Gagan is nearly 60, and plans to do this on a bicycle, something that would make people half his age nervous.

But not getting disheartened by this fact, Gagan has already taken this expedition up and covered over 2,700 kilometers.


And even after such a long trip, Gagan is not only happy but has an endless supply of energy, determined to cross the finishing line well before his birthday.

Gagan is a Delhi-based former entrepreneur, who is a hardcore fitness freak who took up cycling a decade ago.

In his very first year he had biked down from Leh to Delhi but at that time he was just about 50-years-old.


Now 10 years after his first expedition, Gagan is once again determined to finish the task that he began on 21 September 2016.

He is currently crossing Hyderabad and claims his experience has been an eye-opener for him, especially looking at the beautiful people and countryside he has met and seen on his way.

“The climate and roads may have occasionally given me some trouble, but I have not had a single bad experience with people on the road. Anyone I pass by has always given me a thumbs up. There have been an innumerable number of selfies with people who admire what I am doing.”

To take on this mammoth trip, Khosla has a bunch of school friends who graduated with him in 1974, accompanying him.


They though are not on a bicycle and are trailing him in an SUV, recording his every move.

With this trip, Gagan is also trying to raise Rs 1 crore so as to spread awareness about malnutrition and use some of the money to fund the education of underprivileged kids.

You can follow his journey on his facebook page and help him reach his task by donating to his cause.

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