FRIENDS Obsessed Indian Couple Gets Engaged In Monica And Chandler’s Apartment

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2:13 pm 2 Sep, 2016

Many Indian kids who grew up watching English sitcoms have at one point in their life been obsessed about TV show FRIENDS and religiously watched all its episodes.

The popularity of the show can even be seen today, with many TV channels running re-runs of episodes which was first aired over a decade ago.



Two of these FRIENDS obsessed Indian “kids” recently got a new way to immortalize the show when they got the opportunity to get engaged in Monica and Chandler’s apartment thanks to Comedy Central.

Comedy Central recently recreated the show’s many famous scenes for FriendsFest in London.


The six-week event was brought to life only for the most obsessed FRIENDS fans and India’s Krunal Desai and Radha Patel were one such “obsessed” fans.

The event gave Krunal the perfect way to propose Radha…


and he went down on one knee to ask her to marry him at the apartment set.


According to their friends Radha is so taken by the show that she watches its episodes every night before going to bed.


In real life, though they are more like Ross and Rachel as they known for their on and off relationship for 11 years.

But as Phoebe would say they are now “lobsters” for life!

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