This Parody Website Of Freedom 251 Smartphone Is Insanely Funny

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6:11 pm 20 Feb, 2016

You have read about Freedom 251. Here comes its cousin, Freedom 651!

Do not forget to click on that green button!

Freedom 651 (1)


The ‘About Us’ of the website truly doesn’t ring a bell.


Freedom 651 (2)


The ‘Vision’ shows foresightedness and the ‘Mission’ is the easiest possible.


Freedom 651 (3)


Their promise for delivery is as good as the promise of a politician.


Freedom 651 (4)


Do note that they can deliver even on Mars, and you don’t even have to tear your hairs thinking about it.


Freedom 651 (5)


And a selfie with this phone is priceless because they have special representatives to “make it for you”.


Freedom 651 (7)


And this is why the non-existent device is priced at Rs.651. Crackers, anyone?


Freedom 651 (6)


Why in the blue hell does anyone need a warranty for a Rs.651 device?


Freedom 651 (9)


It has the easiest connectivity and gives you the greatest freedom.

Those behind this gem of a piece want you to know that Pune is a beautiful place to visit when in Maharashtra.


Freedom 651 (8)


And I am like:



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