Mother Throws Son To Safety, Then Is ‘Swallowed Up’ By Escalator

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8:10 pm 27 Jul, 2015

In a horrific freak accident, a mother lost her life but managed to save her son. The incident occurred on 26 July at about 10 AM at the Jingzhou Shashi Anliang department store in China and was captured by the CCTV cameras.

The footage shows 30-year-old Xiang Liu Jiuan and her 2-year-old son at the top of the escalator when the floor suddenly collapses.



Both can be seen to struggle, and then the mother manages to get her son to safety with the help of some of the staff at the store. She is then ‘swallowed up’ by the escalators. Her body was found 3 hours later, mangled beyond recognition.

The two-year-old is safe. Unfortunately, he witnessed his mother being sucked into the gaping hole as staff members were a little late in taking him away.



A concern that the video highlights is that perhaps the staff knew the escalators were faulty. There are three of them standing at the top of the escalator. Unless staff presence at the top of the escalator is store policy, it does raise some questions about their presence.

The video is shared below. However, we advise viewer discretion as it is graphic.

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