Police Catch Fraudster Who Duped BJP Party Workers By Claiming To Be Amit Shah’s Secretary

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4:48 pm 13 Apr, 2016

In a bizarre case, a fraudster who was posing to be BJP chief Amit Shah’s secretary, was caught on April 11, while he was striking a deal with some workers at BJP headquarters.

The man, who identified himself as Kuldeep Yadav, used to operate under various aliases and dupe party workers.

Yadav mostly targeted BJP party workers from the north-east and used to take money from them under the false pretence of getting them important posts in BJP.

He would charge them anything from Rs 50,000 to a few lakhs.

He used to identify himself as Kuldeep, BJP general secretary (organisation) or as Rakesh Mishra which is the name of Shah’s secretary.



To convince the unsuspecting party workers, he had even gotten fake notepads made, where he was depicted as Shah’s secretary.

Police are now looking into his call records so as to find who among BJP’s party workers were in touch with him for favours and then make a list of people he might have duped.

BJP, too have expressed their interest in knowing this list, so as to know who all were in contact with this fraudster.

The fraudster was caught on April 11, when two men from Nagaland came looking for him at BJP’s party headquarters.



BJP HQ in Delhi  NDTV

A member suspecting something fishy, used their phone to call him and he was then caught by party workers when he arrived to meet them.

He is now being interrogated by the Delhi Police.

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